The Crucifix Had a Calming Effect

One man's desire to get laid is subject to the desire of another man to find a milquetoast running mate:

"Poor Bobby Jindal"

What a laugher. No one remembers anything about 2009, up to and including the part where President Obama saved the economy from collapse. On the basis alone of staving off a second Great Depression, he deserves to be re-elected. That is what 2010 and 2011 were about--denying Obama the victory lap he deserves. 2012 has been about whoppers and bullshit and the crazy look in the eye that people like Jindal get when they're asked to be honest about the American economy.

Religion is going to be front and center in this election because this is not going to be a serious discussion about anything that matters to people out of work or out of a job; the only candidate who has a stranger and more charismatic relationship with The Creator is Jindal, he of the girlfriend exorcism:

Of course, both sides carry out exorcisms, so the whole thing is a wash, right?

I would love to see Jindal dance with the devil on the national stage, deftly deflecting wisecracks and serious questions as to whether or not the demon was actually defeated or merely retreated into the shadows, ready to take over the unsuspecting body of another horny coed.

By the way, did the FBI ever investigate Jindal and his cohorts for kidnapping? What is it with Republicans and school days and trapping human beings against their will? Perhaps he and Romney really would be perfect for one another. They can put on fake uniforms and detain people and hold them down and scare the bejeezus out of them.