The 2012 Election Will Not Be About This

The crash of housing prices does not tell the whole story, however.

In the United States, there are several structural problems that no one wants to talk about.

First, people are experiencing wage stagnation.

Second, there is widespread underemployment.

Third, the housing market is still in bad shape; and consumer confidence is lower than it was two years ago, in terms of the American housing market.

Finally, the political process is broken and no one is going to do anything to solve these structural problems to the American economy because the Republican Party wants to run against poor economic numbers and the Democrats do not understand that the Republican Party is an irrational actor.

You are not better off than your were five or even twenty years ago. No one deserves to be re-elected based on that, but there's only one party that is blocking any kind of a fix to this problem and that is the Republican Party.

The 2012 election is going to be about nonsense. No one wants to talk about this stuff. It is a headache-inducing problem that will drive people away from the process.