Science Always Wins in the End

There is a knee-slapper buried in this story. When they say that "Army Brass" interfered, what they mean to say is that "business as usual" took hold and science was given the old heave-ho. How many weapons systems and bases and active duty units are still around because of "business as usual" and not because of "common sense, needs of the Army, and basic facts?"

I am glad I never wore this particular uniform. This is what I wore, save for those two or three times they had us put on the desert camouflage variant.

While they are probably more comfortable than the summer-weight BDUs, being susceptible to enemy fire everywhere except in a gravel pit is not something you want to walk around in. I still think what you see above is perfectly fine for regular wear. No one knows where the next war is going to be fought; why not plan for a woodland battle somewhere on the Central European plain?