Keep Your Student Loans

I have to say, I cannot find anything here that I can agree with. The piece is well researched, but my life experiences are getting in the way of my coming to some sort of an understanding as to why going into debt is a motivator to finish college.

As a veteran finishing my degree with the wonderful assistance of the 21st Century GI Bill, I am allowed and encouraged to borrow thousands of dollars I do not need. These loans pop up and I decline them (subsidized and unsubsidized) because I have to apply for Federal Student Aid to be considered for a scholarship (which covers costs not covered by the GI Bill).

So, I'm borrowing nothing, paying for school, and I'll be done with my degree program in a few months. How am I contributing to the decline of Western Civilization by not going into debt?

Somewhere, there's a Republican who should be sending me some lovely parting gifts for doing all of this while not adding to our massive Federal deficits (oh, wait--I'm pulling in VA benefits--I really am destroying America, aren't I?)

My completion of my degree has nothing to do with debt, loans, grants, or otherwise; I'm completing my degree because I want it. If a person does not have the discipline or will to get their degree, they won't get their degree. Saying that someone who works long hours is setting themselves up for failure is counterintuitive because, to me, that sounds like they want their degree.

Oh, and pretty much the only reason why I get VA benefits is because I joined under the Student Loan Repayment Program, which wiped out the ill-considered loans I took while going to college twenty years ago. How's that for coming around full circle?