Hollywood Is Not Ready For a Culture War

I think Don Rickles needs to go to the White House and stand toe to toe with President Obama; he is at his best next to the people who have been the target of his remarks (and you can say that about both men). Rickles is a living legend and a genius for commenting on what people think but cannot speak out loud. He never means any harm, and he never does any harm, but he does know how to take the tension in a room and make comedy gold out of it.

The reason why there was a gasp is because people are already wondering what it will be like when President Romney beats Hollywood like a gong and demands censorship and films that are family friendly and sanitized to the point of being bland.

Hollywood needs to understand that, in the current culture war against women, naughty movies and profane music are up next on the agenda, and their bottom line is going to be hit hard by the blue hairs and the morality police that are working much, much harder to elect Romney than the liberals are working to keep Obama in office.

People seem to be very lazy about all of this election crap. They are completely tuned out and turned off by the coming political season. The end result of that is the possibility that we could end up with a President Romney. 

Do you think he cares about anything other than exacerbating the divide between Americans on cultural issues in order to stay in power? That's the damned playbook, people.