Full Metal Wingnut

You read that correctly.

A man with training in the law of the land actually wrote that "we have to ask the question when do we turn that gun around and say no and resist."

Those are his own words, and his own thoughts, and, of course he cannot bring himself to actually get the words out there as he intended them. Matt Davis is no dummy. He knows he has to couch his violent, eliminationist rhetoric in such a way as to make his intention into a lame and cowardly rhetorical question that he can deny later on.

This is why I insist on pointing out that today's Supreme Court ruling means nothing to people who don't respect the rule of law unless a Republican is the beneficiary of the breaking of the law. When they think a Democrat is breaking the law, suddenly, they hew to the intent of the law as if it were something they, themselves created out of nothing.

For the rest of everyone's natural life, these people will fight to undo what was decided today because they refuse to live in a world where other people have a reasonable expectation to not be ruined and die needlessly if they happen to get sick.