Endless Speculation About Stonehenge Continues Unabated

There are so many theories about Stonehenge, it's a wonder it doesn't explain the theory of why one of your socks is always missing after you put your clothes in the dryer. Here is yet another attempt to achieve the impossible.

Does it matter to keep making these theories? I suppose that scientists will always look for new and exciting ways to restate the obvious. Stonehenge is a Neolithic monument that is actually part of a massive site called England. It is not one place; it is actually a part of a much larger series of circles and other monuments, many of which people ignore or do not understand.

The story of Stonehenge is lost. The Neolithics are gone. The stones remain. We will never discover anything approaching a "real" purpose. We can, however, embrace what is left and avoid having to control the story. Can't it be a fantastic place? Can't it just be a Neolithic space observatory? Why does it have to be about pottery and modern politics? Next you'll tell me that Stonehenge is where the celebrities went to mix it up with the commoners. Who were the paparazzi of 2675 B.C.?

The Neolithics had their own way of doing things. Unless someone figures out how to dig one of them up and conduct an interview in the lost language of their people, you can forget about "unlocking" the mystery of Stonehenge. We are never going to figure them out. They were as human as your or I, and they had a complexity that is universal to the human experience.

Why did they build it? Why not? And, oh by the way, why do you need that answer? Is that because you want to know, or does it serve the needs of people who want to put the ancients in their place?

If they can be made to appear as ignorant savages, then not knowing why they did what they did makes perfect sense.

What shocks me is that people do not know how "common" henges and things of that nature really are. Check out The Modern Antiquarian. Educate yourself. There is no better resource out there for coming to the conclusion that, hey, we're never going to figure it out so we might as well just enjoy what was left behind.

They worshipped the way the stars and the sun and the moon worked. They didn't hide behind a church hierarchy to keep people ignorant and in the dark. Their church was the world, and they aligned the stones and the mounds to calculate when the sun and the moon were going to be every day of the year. They understood the movement of the heavens and what it meant to them is never going to be understood by us.

Don't give money to people who cannot prove what Stonehenge really was. Rejoice in the complexity that is the human experience. Build your own version somewhere. Dedicate your life to the movement of the sun through the sky and change the landscape with piles of stones to help you track what's happening. Chant, dance, and sing when you think you have something that approximates an answer. Then, get back to me and tell me what you think. I can guarantee you--you'll know more than any "scientist" ever will.