Costco Doesn't Think Joan Rivers is Funny

Joan Rivers is in a snit over having her book rejected by Costco. This is being done over the questionable material on the back cover. If you look at what they had a problem with, it's like we're living in the 1950s or something. But, being a retailer, they have to look at what they're carrying and make a business decision.

Those are throwaway jokes. If the material in her book isn't strong enough to survive having those lame one-liners removed, then what does that say about Joan Rivers? And why would Costco walk into a situation where someone could manufacture some phony outrage and give them a headache?

A work like this has to survive on the merits. I don't think anyone really believes that a Joan Rivers book is going to change their life or deliver something magical and special, but come on. If a retailer asks you to take out a fuck and a shit, maybe you should relegate that stuff to the inner flap or to a place in the book where the material is, ahem, a little thin.

I don't know. Is Costco really the place where you're going to sell that many damned books? Come on.