Another Wingnut Doubles Down on the Crazy

The whiny ass titty baby flag flies proudly...
Guess what, wingnuts?

You lost.

Every time those of us who are progressives and liberals and whatever else that is reasonable loses, we accept the defeat and move on. We keep trying. We never give up.

Those of you who hate America, hate government, and hate it when other people get something that helps keep them alive,  give up and cry when you lose, and you know it. You cry about it like someone just took your ice cream cone and smashed it into the tailpipe of an outbound truck.

Fly your flag upside down, and desecrate it with your nonsense opinions. You are certainly free to do so. But, welcome to being mocked and derided for your lameness and your immaturity. Welcome to being shown the door that helps you exit the arena of public discourse.

By the way, you lost yesterday. Stings like motherfucker, doesn't it?

Go out into whatever community you live in and make loud noises about how you hate this country. Give your last $37 to the Romney campaign and watch them blow through it in nanoseconds while Mitt shakes the Etch-a-Sketch and tries to ignore the fact that Obamacare is, essentially, Romneycare. Why'd you nominate him again? He's not going to beat Obama now, no matter how much money you pour into voter suppression.

Oh, that's right. No one else wanted to run against the fact that America is a country where we take care of the unlucky, the unfortunate, and where we don't, as the President says, let someone's fortune hang on chance.

Washington D.C. is the place of the status quo, up and until it is time to do something to ensure that the wellbeing of the people is improved, however nominally, by an idea put forward by liberals and opposed by conservatives that, ultimately, becomes the law of the land. Then, the status quo protects itself until the level of outrage in the country rises to another breaking point. On the health care issue, that breaking point passed years ago and now we have reform. We need more reform, and that ball is now rolling in the right direction, forward, and in a progressive manner.

Suck on that and think about what that means for your vaunted ideas.

Your pathetic screeching is unseemly, but it is not without precedent. They howled when Social Security was passed. They screamed when African-Americans gained Civil Rights. There was quite a bit of kvetching when Medicare passed. And, with good reason. Your tribal instincts always come down to a desire to deny everyone else anything decent so that you can keep that extra bit of cash in your pocket for whatever poison you prefer.

Welcome to what America is going to remain, bitches. When you lost yesterday, you lost the biggest game since 1964. And you lost because one of your very own conservative soul mates decided not to ruin American government and jump on the bandwagon to stupid town.

I love winning, and this is my victory lap. Lay down on the track so I can step over you and laugh.