Anger Gets Things Done

One of the many, many failed wingnut bloggers has gone all-in against getting "angry" and getting things done:

Clearly, this is not a young man who has ever had to work hard for a living. Anger is a motivator; it gets the adrenaline pumping. Anger, in the hands of a reasonable person who knows how to function in society, is a motivator.

His followers must be shocked or confused; my hunch is that many of them are relieved. It's hard to sustain the belief that something is worth fighting for.

If you go to a museum here in Europe, you will see what several thousand years of anger looks like. Anger built the Roman Empire. Anger created towns, cities and villages--an anger born of the fact that "we will protect ourselves from all of you marauding assholes."

Anger built countless masterpieces of architecture which still stand today. Anger created society. Culture is the result of anger--as in, "I am angry that you cannot see the wonder in what we, as a people, mean in relation to what those jackasses on the other side of the river have going on."

Anger is what makes a person paint something for no money. Slopping paint on canvas is easy enough, but it is anger which drives talent and ability to the point where what appears on the canvas has depth, thought, meaning and context. Painting an apple sitting on a table is one thing; painting Judas and his kiss comes from passion, rage, inspiration and a place where anger finds a familiar home.

Anger is a force multiplier. America did not not crush the enemies of freedom and democracy without first getting pretty fucking angry. Ever seen a picture of Generals Patton, Sherman, or Washington where they weren't permanently suppressing the urge to scream at someone wearing the wrong brocade or stripe or shoe the wrong way? America's military leaders used anger to ensure that their goddamned troops were ready to kill the sons of bitches who opposed them, up to and including the ones who were already running from the battlefield in disgrace. Washington's reports to the Continental Congress were some of the angriest writings done by any of the founders. Sherman's destruction of white privilege and power in the deep south was the angriest thing ever done to a genteel sort of people who preferred sipping lemonade and watching their slaves bend over and do the work. Patton's anger may have gone too far at times, but that meant having to stop the troops before swinging up into the Red Army's flank and starting a whole new war just to sustain the righteous buzz of anger unleashed on the shores of Normandy.

Laying around and having a soft, soft buzz going never really did much of anything except dent a couch. Do you want some munchies to go with your me-time? Because you have to get angry with yourself to improve yourself. You have to get angry if you want to prove your coach wrong--and that means angry sessions of practice, coupled with soul-searching and self-correction. Anger motivates people to lose weight--anger at a world in which everything you eat is configured to poison you. Anger sends people to work every day in this country. Anger gets your ass out of bed in the morning.

And here we have a man who has done nothing but pound his pud in public decry anger? All because someone has decided to act like a jackass and go too far?

Good. Those of us who give a shit--and you have to be angry to care these days--have things to do.

As the old saying goes, lead, follow or get out of the way--because an angry version of Hell itself follows, son.