Tom Friedman is Wrong Once Again

That's Tom Friedman, writing in the New York Times, in July of last year.

Americans Elect floated a lot of crazy ideas about bipartisanship and centrism, and they raised a lot of money.

Nine million dollars of it bought this:

At this rate, they should be able to buy a Presidential election for $152 billion dollars.

Tom Friedman is wrong about most things, but when it comes to predicting the future and dealing with American politics as it is, and not how he wants it to be, don't even bother wondering if he'll be right.

What's interesting is that people keep paying him for opinions like that. They pay him enormous amounts of money to be wrong about everything. They give him a fantastic piece of online real estate and he, pardon my French, shits the bed as often as humanly possible.

Centrism and bipartisanship exist only in the minds of people who want to thwart a liberal or progressive agenda. Those things don't exist when right wing ideologues want to starve grannies or make brown people "suck on this."