This is About Voter Suppression

There is a storm brewing in the world of conservative bloggers, but it has an origin in something completely unrelated to their own deranged sense of being persecuted.

First and foremost, no reasonable person would condone a threat against a person or their family. That sort of thing should be condemned. If there is an actual threat against blogger Robert Stacy McCain, then I would hope that whoever made that threat is held accountable for it because there is no place for that sort of thing in an enlightened society.

Running a distant second is the timing of all of this, and that is what I feel is suspect. I would guess that we have a coordinated effort to discredit one of the leading voices on voting machine fraud and not so much a coordinated effort to deal with anything else.

This is absolutely the most important detail in the story—Brett Kimberlin appears to understand electronic machine voting fraud. He may have some credibility on this issue that goes back many years and several election cycles and the people who want to silence him know that his criminal past is a millstone around his neck. The only reason anyone cares about this guy is because he is, literally, one of the first people who figured out that Diebold voting machines were rigged to give false tallies.

Kimberlin has helped uncover the irregularities and problems with Diebold, and with the electronic voting machines that can be hacked. If your entire election in 2012 rests with being able to disenfranchise voters in urban areas (in other words, suppress Democratic votes), then you need to start going after all of the credible or capable people who can speak intelligently to voter fraud and to the fact that the 2012 election could very well be stolen.

Kimberlin has a sordid past as a criminal, a domestic terrorist, and as a drug dealer; claiming he sold weed to Dan Quayle is main his claim to fame. He was the guy in prison who had to be “hushed up” after Quayle was picked as VP in 1988. Whether he actually did or not is not something that can be proven on the Internets, of course, so that rests as an allegation and not as a fact (but some would argue it was probably true). But all of that does not change the fact that he has credibility when it comes to detecting and writing about voter fraud. He may have zero credibility anywhere else, but he does know the ins and outs of voter fraud and voter suppression as it relates to electronic voting machines.

What I was able to figure out is that he is a convenient target for phony outrage. He has legal means at his disposal, and he went after blogger McCain after a series of blog posts about him popped up on his site. Never one to miss a fundraising opportunity, McCain signed off on his “I’m leaving Maryland” blog post with a link to his tip jar.

I think that the wingnuts will go after The Brad Blog next, and will continue their work against any and all who can speak to voter fraud issues. But this “threat” is largely conjured up in their own minds because the only time the rule of law applies to them is when they seek refuge in it; when the law is used to hold them accountable for the crap they publish, then the law, to them, is illegitimately applied.

We’re dealing with drama queens and socially inept human beings here. In other words, there’s no ‘there’ there until someone working for a reputable news organization takes their bait and makes it a real story.