The Grifter

After finally calling it a day, Newt Gingrich is hoping someone will help him pay his bills.

This is a bit strange coming from a Republican. Millions of Americans can't pay their bills, and you don't see them appealing to Mitt Romney for financial assistance. I'm sure that there are Americans who would gladly endorse Romney in exchange for a few million dollars, but still.

Gingrich went off on a wild tear, spending money like it was nothing long after all of his hopes were dashed in the Republican Primary race. He floated credit, went bankrupt, and never, ever dreamed of the possibility of being rejected as his party's nominee, until, of course, he had that dream last week.

Is this the end of Newt Gingrich, serial stumblebum, grifter and failure? Of course not.

He has ten or twelve more acts in him, and all of them will involve fleecing money out of people in exchange for nothing of any use or substance. He will be hawking books and selling access and trading on his "futuristic ponderings" for years to come.

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