The Full Court Press of the Wingnut Chorus

America's wingnut chorus is worked up in a particularly frothy form of lather. They are barking mad, clawing at their eyes, howling into the woods kind of mad right now. They are braying for blood and eating the tender bits of their own eyebrows, trying to find some sort of relief from the thing that ails them.

America has a black president, you see. This eats the horrid parts of their souls. This feasts on their psyche. This aggression will not stand. The socialist Kenyan Marxist pretender to the presidency of white, Christian America must be gotten rid of. Their dementia has swung into view.

And what a view we have of the inner workings of wingnut, inc.

They are using some interesting issues right now. First, they have elevated someone named Brett Kimberlin to a status well above his pay grade in order to make martyrs of people who really, really need you to hit that tip jar. America's conservative bootstrappers have no cash of their own, you see. If you want to experience their public rantings, donate accordingly so that they can "succeed" in a marketplace that has, for lack of a better word, rejected the product they are selling to the public.

Second, they are highlighting the fact that the President once got high on pot. In many ways, this just serves to make him more popular, and his popularity amongst thinking people drives them the fuck crazy faster than bombs rain from the sky when a Republican has daddy issues.

Third, there is this phony idea floating around out there that Mitt Romney has a viable candidacy for the presidency happening right now. I don't care what the polls say. It's May. Nobody cares.

That's right, nobody cares. And that summarizes the desperation of the Republican/conservative/Tea Party movement right now. People just do not care and they are not paying attention.

No matter how hard these people yell, the American people tuned out months ago. Participation in the primary process was almost non-existent if you subtract the zealots in the Ron Paul movement and none of those people are ever going to vote for anyone but Ron Paul.

I mean, there is no enthusiasm for Romney or politics or a second Obama term or anything right now because no one cares. It's summer. People are broke. There are no jobs. This is something that can certainly lead to an Obama defeat in November, but it would take a mighty shift in public opinion and in the public's attention span for that to happen. The American people would have to suspend disbelief and accept the idea that a man who ran a predatory capitalist outfit that seized companies, carved them up, raided pension funds and put tens of thousands of people out of work has a better answer.

Hey, I watched that primary process--and Mitt Romney didn't excite anyone and he damned sure didn't demonstrate a command of the issues that would give anyone a warm and fuzzy.

If you support President Obama and have a clue, here's a message for you. These people got nothin'. In the words of R.E.M., their pockets are out and they're running about. They don't have an alternative view of the future of America that excites people. They have pot, Kimberlin, Biden saying something stupid, and Mitt Romney. A cry for mercy for their sad fate, and a prayer for the fools, if it pleases thee. On election day, how many dyed-in-the-wool born-again Christians are going to pull the lever for a Mormon? This is how deep their hate flows. They hate like it's going out of style. And as much as they hate President Obama, they aren't going to violate their "christian" beliefs and replace one Godless ursurper with another one.

There isn't anything they can put out there that isn't tinged with the kind of racism and hate that will backfire on them in September when people start paying a little bit of attention. The demographic shift of this country is profoundly in the direction of the Democratic Party, 2010 notwithstanding. The lighting in a bottle of the Tea Party movement is gone and people are going to have to choose between a future that looks vaguely American or a future run by priests, prudes, and pricks who want to take us back to the Spanish Inquisition.

Did I mention that it is May? Who is seriously even thinking about Presidential politics right now except for the crazies who flood their sites with hate in lieu of ideas? I'm seriously wondering why I don't have more summer stuff up and running right now.

Politics? Ugh.