That's Chump Change

More proof of the staggering incompetence of our elites.

And not just the traders and the executives. No, the failure here rests with the people who were supposed to look at what happened when these clowns nearly destroyed the world's economy four years ago and regulate the industry and prevent another catastrophic meltdown. These are the people in charge? Really? And they are this stupid and corrupt? They are incapable of operating as a self-regulating entity in a world which, we have been told, again and again, is fully capable of regulating itself.

Uh, paging Occupy Wall Street. Got another example of fraud, greed, and stupid for you.

Two billion is chump change compared to a $35 trillion (or more) meltdown, but still. These people are not special. They are not masters of any universe, large or small. They are timid, frightened children playing games with large sums of money. Think of them as a bum that got rolled, right after collecting on a large payday at the racetrack.

Which, come to think of it, would be a wiser investment than whatever they are calling JPMorgan Chase these days.