Serious Wingnut FAIL

Here we have Moe Lane, worked up in a lather on Red State, offended that Elizabeth Warren is an academic and has Native American ancestry. In and of itself, what he's really getting at is fairly basic. He thinks that she cheated in order to get preferential treatment. This is not unlike Marco Rubio claiming to be descended from Cuban exiles.  

She hedged because this is a huge game of gotcha that isn't going to go away. But, did she lie? No. Having 1/32nd Cherokee heritage means you are descended from Native American ancestors. How difficult is that to understand?

So, how does Moe Lane respond? Oh, guess how. 
So, why not say up front that he's going to withhold his productivity and go Galt because she has an advantage that he doesn't have? And why act this way when it is proven that she is, in fact, an American with Native American ancestry and that his hysterical post was wrong?

It's because the wingnuts can't stand the smell of their own FAIL. It's because they have nothing to run on. No ideas, no solutions, no answers--nothing but tribalism and fear. And not a little bit of racism there, either.

When called on their racism, wingnuts double down and refuse to admit their failures. That's how the world works now. Make shit up, double down when proven wrong, and act like a child. Man, nice work if you can get it.

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