Racist As Hell

Poor Kathleen Parker.

If you read between the lines here, you can see how confused the poor lady is these days:
The proposal, which highlights the Obama-Wright relationship and resembles an ad rejected the last go-round by the McCain campaign, has made tsunami waves, thanks to a story on the New York Times’ front page. Who leaked the 54-page proposal may be the most interesting aspect of this story, but we may die without knowing. Or we can watch closely the career paths of various actors in the next several months. 
The intent of the ads was to shine a light on how Obama’s character was formed and why he should not be reelected. They were not a good idea, obviously, but they also were never ads. They were a proposal born of a sense among Republicans that Obama’s relationship to Wright was never sufficiently vetted. 
The question of Obama’s character pertains to his denial of the degree of that relationship, not that he found a father figure in Wright when he was still in his 20s. Nevertheless, to question Obama’s character based on his association with Wright at this point seems too much too late.
Notice that word "vetted." That is straight out of the late Andrew Breitbart's playbook. Before his death, Breitbart fumed that he was going to make certain that President Obama was finally vetted.

So, without realizing her mistake, she falls for the biggest line of nonsense spewed by the man who injected more hatred and racial angst into the body politic than anyone in recent memory. This is not how a committed and fair centrist/conservative/insider like Parker would probably like to be identified, but still.

The dredged-up (Drudged?) association between President Obama and the Reverend Wright has one purpose and one purpose only--to blow the racial dog whistle. And blow it early and often so that a racial resentment can be summoned from those who were never going to vote for Obama anyway. The Wright ads, as conceived and rejected four years ago, were never going to change anyone's mind. They were not about economics, policy, or the future. They were going to land with a racially charged electricity designed to get people out of their chairs and off to the polls to throw that black man out of office. They were intended to whip up the existing racial frenzy in this country, not gently persuade an uncommitted fence-sitting centrist that Mitt Romney might be slightly better as President.

If the subject of your ads is a black preacher who said some unpopular things, and if your ads are designed to remind people that President Obama had an association with this black preacher, then your ads are racist.

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