Paul Hogan Settles Up With the Tax Man

Actor Paul Hogan

His star may have faded in this country, but Paul Hogan is very much on the minds of his fellow Australians these days, although not so much for what he's done but for what he hasn't paid.

Hogan has settled up with the tax man, and he has done whatever it was he was supposed to do in order to get this issue behind him. After winning a minor battle of sorts in November, 2010 to avoid being prosecuted, he has found a way out of this mess.

And what a mess it was when the story first broke a few years ago. Claiming that he never made as much money as speculated, he derided the idea of being a tax cheat and hiding his money overseas. And now he has been vindicated.

It is rare to see a celebrity end up on the right and proper side of the law, but Hogan has done it. How much he paid is nobody's business. If that attitude had been adopted at the outset, he would have been able to avoid seeing his name dragged through the mud.

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