Maichingen Hallenbad Flyer

This is not inherently bad or awful, but it is a bit difficult to look at.

A hallenbad, or indoor swimming pool, as I translate it, is a type of facility here in Germany which is usually run by the local government. They create flyers to give people the pertinent information that they need. This one does the simple task of showing you where it is; most of these flyers run to four or six pages and have prices, rules, seasonal happenings, and so on.

Now, the reason I put this up was to show that incorporating sponsors into any flyer or informational piece is fraught with difficult. How do you add them and not make everything disappear into the wash?

These ads detract from the map and cut off the bottom portion. In order to maximize understanding and points of reference, you typically want your map to show the destination point in the center with at least two or three main roads nearby. This map does an okay job of it, but if you were coming from the south towards this destination, you'd have no reference on this map and you'd have to come from another direction, most likely.

What's odd, though, is that there probably is not a single person living in Maichingen (a somewhat smaller town) who doesn't already know how to get to the Hallenbad. Therefore, this flyer is aimed at people who are unfamiliar with the town. Showing a larger, more concise map would have been a better way to go.

I'm not a fan of the typography either. It looks like it was added at the last moment, tilted on a whim, and to use a different font for each and every piece of text is very distracting.