Grifters For Jesus

Stealing money from fools in the name of Jesus has been around for a good long while. If anyone is shocked that there are still grifters, thieves, and whores hitting the tambourine hard for donations from the shut-ins and the unsophisticated, they should take a trip back to 1987 and pay close attention to the fact that using television to fleece the faithful was exposed and looked into and brought to forefront of our popular culture.

What happened? Well, the donations slowed a bit, but when you know how to market your religion to people who are desperate for any connection with salvation, you're going to be just fine going well beyond the days of the Bakkers and the Swaggarts. Pat Robertson still goes on television and runs his mouth about whatever he thinks will make the coins fall in the plate and nobody notices his extravagant lifestyle and his fabulous wealth.

Do you have any idea how expensive it is to live in Newport Beach, California? No wonder they need millions in donations. Good help is hard to find, and fleecing in the name of the Son of God in the age of social media and godless liberalism is like trying to get funding for a football stadium. You've got to get on one knee and beg like your life depends on it, especially when your donation base is dying off in droves. Thank God for those automated credit card payments, right?

How many survivors of the people who regularly donated to these charlatans had to shut off the credit card payments after two or three charges went onto the old Mastercard, I wonder. Well, that's how America Online stays in business.