Give Halle Berry a Break

Halle Berry's anger is completely justified, and the douchebag tone of the blog reaction is priceless celebrity-hating. If you want a really, really good example of having no common sense, an unabashed jealousy for anyone successful or beautiful, and a willful ignorance of the culture, there you go.

Berry has a reasonable expectation of privacy, as does anyone who is in the public eye. She has a reasonable expectation that, when she goes to her daughter's school, the photographers will maybe take that afternoon off. I wish there was a concrete anti-paparazzi law in place because this is where the line gets crossed. You wanna take pictures of her when she's on the red carpet or out clubbing? Fine. But leave her family out of it.

As for the crummy comments above, well. Do you think you might want to be mindful of the fact that Halle Berry has been stalked? And that another, completely different stalker who has threatened to slit her throat escaped from the psychiatric hospital where he was being treated? And do you think that something that happened just this year might be weighing on her? I mean, really. Common sense is in that short of supply?