Getting Away With It in America

John Edwards has already been convicted, in the court of public opinion, for being a scumbag, so this isn't really that big of a surprise.

What is sad about this is that people will not automatically reach the inevitable conclusion--the money that flows into our political system is tainted and it buys influence and it corrupts the process. You can, in America, get away with just about anything now so long as you're dealing with large sums of money. If you're talking about stealing a soft drink, a sandwich or a bicycle or a few hundred bucks out of the till at a supermarket, then you're talking about crimes which our country knows how to handle. These things can lead to jail, beatings, humiliation and the ruination of a person's reputation and potential.

If you're talking about a million dollars used to keep the unwashed masses from discovering you are a scumbag, forget about it. There shall be no accountability for such things. Our courts are clear on that. And our citizens don't have a clue how to serve properly on a jury, either.

The idea of civic responsibility ended a long time ago, apparently.