Get to Know Google Docs

Google Docs is a service that has been around for a few years but the emphasis on using this service has never really been a priority for me. I made an effort to get to know something more about Google Docs last year when I soured a bit on Scribd.

What I don't like about Scribd is the fact that they essentially profit from content uploaded by users. And the users frequently upload material that has no regard for copyright. Or the users upload endless "previews" of works that are for sale without regard to the fact that much of what they are blasting out is also being heavily promoted on other websites and in other formats. I have stopped adding content to Scribd, and I have withdrawn a lot of what I put on there simply because I'm not comfortable with those aspects of their business model.

Seamlessly integrating Google Docs into what I do makes sense. I have a heavy presence on Google+ because, when I blog, all of my content is shared to the Google+ community. Those folks, in turn, come to my Blogger blogs and can browse the content that's available. When I look around at news articles, I can give a brief citation and publish my comment and my "1+" to my Google+ stream. For me, this is the ideal arrangement and the best use of my time.

Google Docs appears to be serious about making design and universality a reality. Perhaps I need to keep looking into what they are offering...