George Tierney Junior is Never Going to Go Away

Over the past few days, America's newest conservative social media darling has repeatedly suspended or deleted his Twitter account. As of 9:51 PM Central European Time, he's back up but now "protecting" his Tweets so that he can use the N-word and call women the C-word at his leisure.

Congress, the only think you're missing is George Tierney, Junior. I think you have a Congressional District somewhere in the deep south that he can represent. Won't you give this man a call? America wants to see leadership, and George Tierney, Junior, represents the kind of conservative voice that America yearns for.

Who better to stop socialism than a man like George Tierney, Junior, and his profane Twitter feed from hell?

[and what is hilarious is that he keeps changing his Twitter profile photo without bothering to remove his own photo from the Twitter page. It's as if he wants all of America to not see his Tweets, and not see his profile photo, but he definitely wants everyone to know what he looks like so that they won't mistake him for someone else.]