The End of Web Advertising

The decision by General Motors to drop advertising with Facebook has a few implications that hit home for me here on the much smaller end of the Internet where I reside with a dozen nutty blogs. It would seem to me that web advertising is a waste of time; the monetized blog doesn't make any sense anymore. But the blog, itself, is definitely worth doing and worth continuing, no matter what.

In the days ahead, I'm going to strip out a lot of the web ads and reduce the ad spaces on my blogs to a very simple one-and-one arrangement; one kind of each ad type allowed by Google Ad Sense. I'll locate those ads in places that are not hidden, but are not going to be too prominent.

This will, I hope, allow me the chance to look at the blog templates and come up with something better. Redesigning twelve sites? No problem. I will keep them on the Blogger platform, and play around with a new arrangement and layout that puts more emphasis on content.