Desperate and Stupid

Jim Hoft (h/t to Sadly No!)

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey plays the lickspittle one more time and goes to the well for what has to be the final time for his credibility and dignity. Luckily, there's Jim Hoft--the stupidest human being alive--to congratulate Mukasey's willful negligence with his own chortling buffoonery.

Here's what Hoft had to say:

Here's what Mukasey had to say:

Now, it's easy to see why they would seize on the fact that the former Director of CIA would draft a memorandum--it was his job. It placed, in the public record, for posterity and eternity, key aspects of the Obama Administration's decision making process. No where do you see "let's blame the military if things go south."

That's because Mukasey is a willfully lying bastard who can't help himself. And Hoft is his slackjawed enabler for the wingnut crowd.

If the Obama Administration had not granted Admiral McRaven operational control--which included being able to yank the plug and abort the mission--we would be hearing echoes of Jimmy Carter's ill-fated mission to free the Iran Hostages. Giving a commander control of HIS mission is what decision makers do. They put trust and confidence in the hands of a professional and give him the order to make it happen. That's called leadership. That's called common sense. That's called empowering your subordinates to go kill a terrorist.

President Obama is killing terrorists and giving orders and those orders are being followed. He is not weak on national defense. His national security credentials are solid fucking gold. He is a Democrat, and he has shattered the illusion of Democratic fecklessness when it comes to being tough and strong and when it comes to slitting the throats of America's enemies. He is a badass, bestride a world that respects him.

This is why they are begging the SEALs to come forth and carry water for the Republican Party. This is why they are running around trying to forget the rank amateurism and incompetence of the entire Bush Administration.

This is making the wingnuts crazy. I mean, eyeballs peeled back in their head batshit crazy. And this means they will create something out of nothing and express outrage at whatever they can invent. They are making it up and they are so completely deranged as to not be believed. Their credibility does not exist. They are fools. Utter, utter, fools.