Dan Harmon Lost the Argument

I think this is the most accurate of all the accounts of what happened when Sony decided to get rid of Dan Harmon as the showrunner for Community. What, are you going to trust Sony? Are you going to trust the bitchy insiders who want to claim that the guy couldn't run the show? Forget that.

Sony has decided to go forward with new showrunners so that they can keep Chevy Chase on the show. Why they would flush Harmon and go with Chase is impossible to conceive. Does someone at Sony think that Chase isn't going to pause during the next season of filming and have a tantrum and walk out?

This is why I don't follow shows much anymore. When a washed-up 70's star can, after decades of lazy work and indulgent walk-ons, get a guy fired, there isn't much hope for television.* NBC has, literally, no hits and no winners. They need Community so bad right now that it isn't funny, and it won't be funny at all when Chevy Chase flips out on whoever is asking him to stretch and grow and act like a professional next year. And their answer is to let Sony blow a proven winner out the door.

Dan Harmon joins a long list of people who can make and create things, just not for short-sighted conglomerates.

*that may be a stretch, but I think the Chevy Chase incident has a lot to do with why Harmon profusely apologized for playing a profane voice mail from Chase and I think it is a significant factor in keeping the cast of the show together. There is this mistaken belief that you can get rid of a showrunner in order to keep the cast of a show happy; if your cast isn't happy, get rid of the cast member, not your creative guiding force. That is my opinion, nothing more.