Cashing In

Miss Suarez is cashing in on her newfound notoriety. I would not believe anything this young woman says and I would hasten to add that she has someone behind the scenes who is promoting her interests and trying to make hay of the situation. If she is truly coming forward and saying these things out of the kindness of her heart, well, I would be more than happy to change my mind.

Anything beyond the initial confrontation in the hotel where she was denied the amount of money that she felt entitled to is pretty much an invented version of events that will bring her some measure of fame and fortune (why, I do not know). I would be very interested to find out if she is being paid for her appearances and if someone in the Colombia media establishment is profiting from her in some way.

I do believe that a Secret Service agent haggled with a prostitute in the wrong country and forgot that, when you are in a country where prostitution is legal, you must pay the lady quickly and quietly because the police are on her side, not your side. In the United States, it is almost exactly the opposite. This leads me to believe that the agent in question who tried to haggle with Miss Suarez is used to paying for sex and is accustomed to bullying women who complain about what he is willing to pay.

If anything good comes out of the destruction of some 15 to 20 careers, it would be the revelation that the agent who haggled with the prostitute has a long, sordid history of bullying women in order to get sex on the cheap.