Careful With the Date

This is an informative 2-page brochure from the Food and Drug Administration. I looked at this on Scribd and I thought it was notable for one small problem in the lower right-hand column under the graphic art:

So, we have an older brochure; this, in and of itself, isn't the problem.  The FDA is trying to publish documents on Scribd in order to promote the information that it provides to American consumers. This is a good thing.

However, when it's 2012 and you're putting out old documents, it does draw attention to the fact that this information has not been updated. Given the advances in science and technology, and just in computers alone, think of how a consumer might react to information that is five years old, especially when it concerns health and health care issues.

The FDA should update documents like this, and alter that date if it provides new or updated information; leaving it as such risks having consumers disregard the information because of the vintage of the document or brochure. This can happen even if there's nothing new to add to the brochure.