Britney Spears is Still a Trainwreck

There are two things that the people in the entertainment business are trying to make the rest of the world believe.

First, they want everyone to believe that Simon Cowell is relevant. He is no longer relevant in any way, shape or form. Whatever he brought to American television has now dissipated into nothing. His show is irrelevant. Nobody cares about "talent" anymore because the novelty has worn off, the songs and "talents" are atrocious, and everyone is fake on purpose. This is unwatchable.

Second, they want everyone to think that Britney Spears is normal now. She is not normal, and will never be normal. She is medicated and controlled, but she is not normal.

As for the X Factor, nobody should care about shows like this anymore. They love this stuff in Europe, but Americans are tired of phony and fake people who are really professionals masquerading as amateurs.

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