Another FAIL From the Breitbart Kidz

When you separate the art from the politics, there isn't much to admire about Gertrude Stein. She was a gadfly in her times, and chose Vichy over everyone. At the time, it must have made sense to her, intellectually or otherwise.

The problem with the Breitbart Kidz is that they don't do history and they don't do nuance. They smear and they run with the gotcha lies every time. You can almost hear them screaming "whoop whoop" as they hurtle past common sense.

Stein was, in fact a Republican. As in, a supporter of the Republican Party. She was an ardent critic of Franklin Roosevelt, an opponent of the New Deal, and a right winger, through and through. Her embrace of the Fascist movement is classic right wing/American conservative political orientation. Stein was a wingnut, in other words, and delighted in her contrarian ways as an exile. She embraced traditional strongmen and admired the iron fist, which is peculiar in an artist or an intellectual, but not exceptionally so. Hegel admired Napoleon, after all, to the point of having a man-crush on the Emperor.

On the political orientation scale, the left in America aligns with communism and socialism; the right aligns with fascism and Nazism. This is politics 101 stuff, but we live in an anti-intellectual age of denial, bullshit, and journalistic malpractice. Not entirely, of course, but the Republican/Conservative/wingnut academics and fools have been struggling for years to align ALL of Europe's negative politics with the left in America.

Once again, they have failed. The Breitbart Kidz are the gang that couldn't shoot straight or crack a damned book.