Aaron Walker Violates Peace Order and Goes to Jail

Memeorandum has turned into Crazy Town this afternoon, and who knows when it will all end?

For days now, conservative bloggers have been on a Brett Kimberlin kick, believing him capable of moving mountains and assassinating people and setting fire to the sun and bringing the rain down from the mountain--oh, that's not even the half of it.

Today, he goes to court and has a conservative blogger arrested and put in jail. This man must be a ninja of the law. What kung fu this man must possess.

When there is hysteria emanating from conservative blogs, run for the hills. Avoid at all cost. Bring your waders. But, what is really interesting here is the dichotomy between the bluster of these people and the capability of one person to make them fearful, go into hiding, and act like the sky is falling.

I'm pretty sure that I've read how impotent liberals are. I'm pretty sure I've seen the late Andrew Breitbart talk about how conservatives have all the guns and how the military is on their side and if liberals want a war, they're all going to lose that war. I'm pretty sure I've seen these people (after they ask y'all to hit their tip jar) shit their own bed in a panic over something some old hippie said on the Internet.

So, which is it then? Are liberals weak, powerless, and incapable of harming a fly? Or are liberals in possession of a mastery of the rule of law and a kung fu capable of shattering the fabric of time and space so that the Earth itself can swallow humanity?

You are not going to find those answers any time soon.

If you choose to look at the law, however, you can understand why Walker ended up in handcuffs. He wrote a 28,000 word blog post and incited a firestorm AFTER this peace order was issued:

Anyone who violates a peace order with a 28,000 word diatribe on the Internet should probably expect to be arrested. I suppose there are free speech considerations, but those protections likely end when a peace order is issued because, well, the "peace" of the community is more important than you getting dozens of conservative bloggers to incite their followers to do stupid things like issue death threats and publish Brett Kimberlin's home address.


This was posted over at The Blaze:

"He was arrested on second degree assault charges that were filed by Kimberlin when Walker, following a separate court hearing, took and held at bay Kimberlin’s iPad."
So, you can take someone's property, "hold it at bay," get arrested for it, and still find a sympathetic audience in the conservative blogosphere? Amazing.

Playing "keepaway" with someone else's property is all well and good, but you have to remember to yell "for pretend!" first. Everybody knows that.

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