The Distance Between Romney's Flip-flops

In another time and place, this sort of a blatant flip-flop would actually end up being news; in the present time, this is yet another example of how Mitt Romney has fed red meat to the wingnuts and gotten caught in his own hypocrisy.

I guarantee you--there will be more of these flip-flops and they will, when stacked together, appear to be mind-blowing. But, with the absence of a working press and the presence of Republican spin doctors, this sort of thing will be old hat by Monday night. I would be very surprised to see this pick up legs and make it through the full news cycle of this week. Consistency and Romney are not going to appear in many sentences, ever.

And so, you have to measure the distance between the Romney flip-flops and see if this one really has traction. If Romney really did say what he said, and if he really did say in in January, then that's about three to four months--a lifetime for a Romney flip-flop. By the time the general campaign rolls around, his flip-flops will be weekly or daily, and early and often.

Why anyone living at or near the poverty line in this country would even contemplate voting for a Republican is beyond me. They want to criminalize bad luck and subject millions to a Dickensian future.