Screw the Pundits

In order to reach millions of young people, the President of the United States went on a talk show and demonstrated just how connected he is to the culture and to the issues. His slow jam with Jimmy Fallon was absolutely fucking brilliant, to put not too fine a point on it.

This is how you command the issues and win. This is how you take control of the agenda and shape public opinion. This is how the bully pulpit now works because if President Obama had gotten mad and pounded on a lectern in the Rose Garden, they would have called him angry, shrill, and unbalanced.

Instead, he used cool humor, the music of the Roots, and Jimmy Fallon to express a policy desire that will help him win votes and save people a ton of money. Of course they're angry--because it worked. Of course they're calling it "undignified." He took this issue and rammed it down their throats. Of course they're mad. He's talented and capable and they're dribbling overpriced wine into their ample laps while howling like a beaten animal. He absolutely destroys the wingnuts when he does these things, and he shows up the media class every time. He has what they want, and they hate him for it, and he doesn't care about them at all.

The very same people calling President Obama undignified love it when other people's children are sent half way around the world to get blown up in poorly-designed vehicles so that they can have something to talk about at cocktail parties.