Nothing Special Anymore

There isn't much here that is shocking, and that's probably why the story is resonating throughout the web and throughout official Washington.

Given what is already known, it is hard to come up with something definitive that explains why this has blown sky high and left many scratching their heads. I think there is a definite possibility that much of the Secret Service's ability to intimidate Americans and strike fear into the hearts of many has been reduced by this incident. Certainly, the revelation that it is staffed with assholes like this is a blow to the credibility of the agency.

If the general public does not fear and respect the Secret Service, then it is that much harder for the agency to do its job. It couldn't be more simple than that. The protective detail of the government officials is one thing; the rank and file or the uniformed division is another. But both are fairly tarnished at this point. And the elite members of the military who have joined in with this agency to provide support have sullied their chances of doing anything further with their own military careers.

Perhaps it all comes back the decline of our so-called elites. Those who have risen to great heights aren't all that special after all. The line of professionalism that is supposed to separate them from the unwashed masses doesn't really exist and you don't really have to be the best of the best.