No Government Conferences Should Be Held in Las Vegas

The incompetence of our elites continues unabated. Martha Johnson no doubt believed herself so far above mere mortals that it must be a shocking thing to have to deal with the rabble.

As a Democrat, I am doubly sorry for this ludicrous display of conspicuous consumption and elitism. The Obama Administration is all that stands between the Randian/Galtian hordes who want to turn modern America into the second coming of a Dickensian nightmare and the people who have suffered mightily over the last five years.

There are people choosing between medicine and food, bankruptcy (which, thanks to the likes of Joe Biden, et al, really doesn't do what it is supposed to do anymore, especially since he threw a mighty big bone to his friends who run credit card/legalized usury outfits out of his home state of Delaware) and oblivion.

There are people out of work, scratching around for whatever they can get. People are struggling to feed their kids and the social safety net has come under the greatest scrutiny that it has ever been under. We have elected officials who want to take this country back to the 19th Century and force the poor into enclaves, camps, and forced labor, literally, and our "working media" fail to understand this and report it as such. Forcing people to get jobs (rather than training, encouraging them, and helping them) is a sad and sorry way to treat the unfortunate among us, especially when, ahem, living on welfare is NOT a free ride and never has been and never will be.

People are not poor because of their morals. This is the canard that never dies. People are poor for a myriad of reasons, but not because God wants them to be poor so that they will learn to stop sinning. If you can't show compassion and sympathy for someone in need, just remember--the chances that you might need a helping hand are going to improve exponentially if a Republican decides that anyone who wasn't born with a silver spoon in their mouth should be herded into union-free camps to work for pea-fucking-nuts.

Once again--people are not poor because of God's will. God loved the poor--he made so many of them, but they're not poor because they are Intended to Be So while living under the cruel thumb of those whom God intended to be the Wealthy and the Elite.

Uh, like Martha Johnson, apparently.

When brought into office, Miss Johnson should have been smart enough and intelligent enough to know that CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION on the TAX PAYER'S DIME was a NO GO, given the lavishness and ridiculousness of the Bush Administration. She should have been savvy enough to know what passes for being frugal and wise. She should have known that each and every dime she spent and decision she made would fall under the oversight and compliance requirement of Congress. As in, she should have known they were going to find out about her wine and her delightful dip in the spa on the TAX PAYER'S DIME. She should have functioned like an actual member of a working, functional elite and said, "we're holding our conference in Omaha this year, and I don't want anyone griping about the Three Star hotel we're going to meet in."

Had she chosen that destination over Las Vegas, she'd still have a job right now. And, really. If you are a government bigwig, and if you think choosing Las Vegas for your next getaway on the TAX PAYER'S DIME is a smart thing to do right now, just save us the trouble and resign and go back to shilling for daddy's old business partners.