Newt Gingrich is Broke

It has to be hard to be Newt Gingrich. The man dazzles audiences with his brilliance, and they catch maybe a tenth of what he tells them because he is able to synthesize ideas and concepts for mass consumption on the Federal level. He thinks in three dimensions, and projects spending, costs, revenues, and the possibilities of his ideas in moments. He knows the process of legislating and governing, but few can think beyond those areas and expand into the world of ideas and grasp the importance of the future. The electorate cannot keep up with him. The country is baffled by his genius. The power brokers don't get him. He is a visionary amongst the primitive tribes; a man who rides in a space shuttle past the whip and buggy crowd.

Anyway, all of that bullshit aside, Newt is broke. His trophy wife has probably already gotten into a van with someone else and he can go back to teaching now. I hear they need political science professors at the University of Phoenix. If they're not hiring, I'm sure Kaplan will pick him up.

Gingrich is delusional enough to become another Harold Stassen, and a charmless one at that.

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