Meet Ana Casas Wilson

There is an election happening this year, and one of the things that bothers me about this election is that no one is talking at length about what is happening to Ana Casas Wilson, pictured above.

Wells Fargo is throwing her out of her home because she had a little bit of bad luck a few years back and got behind on her mortgage payments. She is more than willing to make good on those payments, and went to the home of the man who runs Wells Fargo and tried to give him her mortgage payment. For that, she got arrested. Welcome to an America most people are conveniently ignoring.

The fraud and the farce that is America's mortgage industry is a source of embarrassment. Without any regard for the rule of law, fairness, decency, or the interests of the community, banks are throwing people who are trying to do the right thing out on the street. Banks are forging documents, cheating people, lying, stealing, and destroying communities by foreclosing on homes that will sit empty and go to seed and become uninhabitable.

What is going on in the photo you see above is one of the most important things in America right now, and everyone needs to be aware of it, informed about it, and talking about it. What is happening to this woman is happening to far too many Americans. This is an election year issue that should be front and center and not hidden in feature stories published on the weekend.

I want to hold the Obama Administration accountable for the fact that they need to do more to regulate and repair the mortgage industry. I want the Congress to be held accountable for the fact that it can't get anything done unless it involves telling women what to do with their ladyparts and that aspirin between their knees. And I want people to know that if they elect Mitt Romney, a certain kind of "sucks to be you" attitude will take hold and nothing will be done to solve this problem.

Well, they might strive to make it easier for the banks to throw people out of their homes, but that's enough fun and games for one night.


From the comments, a petition to support Ana Casas Wilson...