Living in a Europe Without Armies

All of this talk about boycotts is interesting.

What will the nations of Europe do to enforce the boycott of Ukraine? What will they do to ensure that the rule of law comes back into vogue? What will they do when revolution breaks out if the current regime ends up killing Tymoshenko?

Better yet, what happens when Russia decides to get involved in establishing a Ukrainian government friendly to its own interests by using force?

And what if it comes to tanks and shooting?

This is what can happen if Europe decides to get involved in Ukraine's internal affairs. It could come to another interruption of natural gas supplies in the winter ahead. It could come to much worse than boycotting a soccer tournament. You have a situation where a corrupt regime sitting on top of a restive population that has known nothing but economic misery since forever could end up killing the prime minister who tried to clean things up (in her own imperfect and somewhat corrupt sort of way). The thing is, this is the biggest country in Europe now. It's a powderkeg.

Europe has no more armies. This is the most de-militarized Europe has been since humans first migrated to the region. Are they going to send the Bavarian Riot Police? Are they going to draft ten thousand Dutchmen to go establish peace in Kiev if everything goes south? What will NATO do if Ukraine ends up in a civil war?

Somehow, I don't think anyone realizes that this fallen gas princess has the fate of Europe resting on her shoulders while she sits, beaten and helpless, in her prison cell.