Killing Your Great Ideas With Too Much Text

I like the concept of this book, but I'm not too keen on what they did on Scribd to market the book to the public.

It's not a bad idea to push the cover of the book down into the left-hand corner; the cover of the book is, essentially, bold, colored text. A catchy image would have been better (and more in line with how they are trying to grab readers on Amazon and places like that).

What they have done here is a bit of a disservice to the ideas behind the book. If the idea of "drinking at home is cheaper" is really in the book, take that out. Why instruct people in misery through anti-social behavior? Ugh.

Throwing a very wordy list of bullet items up like this isn't very readable. The ideas and concepts are sound but the execution is a bit lacking. I would have gone with something much less wordy and more eye-catching, but that's me and I don't sell any books, so there you have it.

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