Jennifer Rubin is Still a Bag of Nuts

Jennifer Rubin thinks she found evidence of David Axelrod being "TKO-ed" on Fox News, but the sad thing is, she merely revealed who she really works for. If the editors at the Washington Post aren't paying attention, perhaps they should.

The clip that Rubin embeds in her post today is annoying in that it takes Axelrod's statement, which is merely a benign piece of campaign rhetoric, and edits it for effect. That's the YouTube equivalent of some punk making his own trailer for an action hero movie that hasn't been made yet.

So, her "evidence" is ridiculous and she's still the same crazy bag of nuts she always was. But who is she in the tank for?

Well, see for yourself.

Yep. Her "source" for this is a YouTube channel that blatantly affiliates itself with the Romney campaign. Rather than get the clip from the source--Fox News--Rubin goes for the Romney campaign's in-house propaganda channel on YouTube. Rather than present what she calls a TKO she shills for Romney and demonstrates that she doesn't really understand what campaign rhetoric is all about.

Then, she doubles down on the wingnut nonsense and links to a blog post from the Heritage Foundation that was put out in October of last year. This post tries to make the case that the rich are paying most of the taxes. The sad fact is, the rich are being taxed at a rate that is much lower than ever. Even the commenters on that site are able to knock down the post Rubin links to, and that ridiculous meme died long ago. No one is buying the notion that the rich are paying too much in taxes; the country is moving, decidedly, in the other direction.

So, once again, Jennifer Rubin embarrasses herself and publicly identifies just what a shrill bag of nuts she really is. Apparently, anyone can work for the Washington Post.

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