Heather Childers is Deranged

You know, it's one thing to have a gig working for Fox News. It's another thing entirely to use the platform known as Twitter, and the following gained from being a Fox News employee, to "tweet" this kind of deranged and despicable nonsense. Childers has a little over three thousand followers; look for that number to skyrocket because of her newfound notoriety.

Heather Childers is pointing her followers to a link at a website known as godfatherpolitics.com, which is a sickening repository of the worst kinds of smears and lies. You can find various articles there that posit virtually every kind of demented conspiracy theory there is, up to and including the idea that someone working for President Obama threatened to kill Chelsea Clinton if Bill or Hillary Clinton said anything publicly about President Obama's citizenship status.

When Media Matters tried to get Childers to clarify her remarks, she fell back on that tried and true Fox News position that skews down the line of wanting to start a discussion. Hiding behind the idea that a discussion about such a thing is worthwhile, she actually deleted some of her responses, thinking perhaps that this would cover her tracks. Unfortunately, Twitter is forever.

You see, Childers doesn't "think" this article is true but she did think it was worth telling her followers to view the article and discuss it as if it were innocent and benign and not a vicious lie perpetrated by hate mongers. She wanted thousands of rabid Fox News viewers and the followers on her Twitter stream to support the website in question and reward their efforts to spread malicious nonsense. Journalists and news people used to be gatekeepers. Now, they open the floodgates for hate.

Fox News should fire Childers immediately so she can go work for godfatherpolitics.com and get it out of her system.

UPDATE: Fox News slaps down Heather Childers.

According to Mediate, Fox News has responded by letting them know that Childers now realizes that her tweets were a mistake.

Really? And they're not worth firing her for? I find that hard to believe. Anyone who trades in these kinds of smears and purports to be a news person at a major news organization...oh. Wait. Childers works for Fox News. My bad.

After this, she'll probably get a raise.