Gas Prices Are Going Down, Not Up, Governor Palin

Fox News embarrasses itself by running Paying at the Pump on the day where is announced that Americans will be paying less at the pump this summer, but no matter. Facts are what the liberal lamestream media use to confuse real Americans.

Let's look at the rehearsed opening paragraph of comments by former Governor Sarah Palin. Now would be a good time to pause and rub your eyes.

She is asked why America is not "energy independent." The answer is, "because Ronald Reagan reversed every attempt made by Jimmy Carter to get us off foreign oil as a result of two Arab oil embargoes in the 1970s." You can go look that up, by the way.

Palin ignores reality and tries to make it about, well, what exactly? She says that the problem is not because of the American people or America's vast resources. Well, excuse me, but, yes it is because of those two things. One, you can't squeeze oil out of human beings who are intent on consuming it and burning it. And, two, we don't have enough oil in this country to keep up with demand. So, she's completely and utterly wrong from the very first words she speaks.

Palin asserts that the left and the right can come together and develop a plan. Really? And if there's a single aspect of that plan that offends a Republican Senator, then that plan won't happen because the Republican Party is the party of obstructionism and filibuster. Each and every time President Obama has tried to hammer out a compromise with the Republican Party, they use the Senate to block him.

Alaska is not the United States of America. Alaska gives each and every citizen a check in order to thank them for allowing the state to extract oil and natural gas and whatever else from the resources owned by the state. Does Palin expect us to do the same in North Dakota, Texas, or West Virginia? No, because that would be socialism.

What timing, by the way. Palin makes her energy remarks on the day when it is announced that gas prices are going down and not up. So much for her expertise as a half-term governor.

The rest of her comments are too sad and confused to even ponder. Really, I won't do that to you.