Elizabeth Banks Said Something Interesting

Whenever a celebrity has to conjure up some anecdote or opinion that will "sell" whatever piece accompanies the massive press junket and promotional material for their latest project, hurt feelings can multiply fairly quickly. You see, the well runs dry pretty quickly when you can't tell stories about your cat or your friend who got hit on by one of the oilier dudes from Entourage. You have to keep making things up or, barring that, you have to keep baring your soul.

In this case, Elizabeth Banks has dumped on the first film she appeared in. This is what a lot of people do; they react to their past in a negative way because they are still smarting from having done something that they don't think was any good.

It's called being an artist. If she didn't care about doing good work--and if she wasn't embarrassed by something she did early on--people would assume that she's just in it for the money.

And so, poor Miss Banks is simply guilty of saying something interesting. What else is new?