Bristol Palin is a Little Slow to Grasp the Obvious

The erstwhile celebrity people named Bristol and Levi have a dispute on their hands, and it involves child support.

As soon as Levi Johnston went three months without paying child support, Palin should have done something to ensure that he met his obligation. When she says that, 22 months later, he owes $38,500, she is making a factual statement. However, in the real world, she's never going to see that money and she knows it. He's going to be a permanently deadbeat daddy, and that is how the Palin family will be able to refer to him from now on. This was a tactical move on their part; anytime Johnston tries to speak up, they can discredit him (and deny him child visitation rights, I would imagine, or try to, anyway) by pointing to the ridiculous amount of money he will never pay them.

Bristol fails to grasp the obvious. As a single mother, there's no way she should expect Levi to pay her a dime. Why try this in the court of public opinion?

This is called a lot of things, but all they are doing is eliminating the baby daddy from future consideration. This is well within their rights, but if they had the best interests of the child in the forefront of all considerations from day one, they never would have allowed this to go on for 22 months.