An Act of Compassion and Understanding Unravels Quickly

I think that this will go a long ways towards defusing the situation. Sybrina Martin has, with that one statement, done more to reach across the racial divide than anyone on the other side has and she is doing it with an amazing amount of restraint and understanding. There is real compassion in her statement for George Zimmerman, and that is more than the rabid supporters of Zimmerman can say for their sorry, racist actions so far.

How is it that the people demonized here--and demonized they were when they tried to protect Trayvon Martin's image from exploitation--have demonstrated more class and dignity than their so-called superiors? I'll tell you how--by making this statement as openly and honestly as possible. By calling for justice, not a pound of flesh. By being deliberate in their actions when so many turned into howling, ignorant advocates of revenge and honor killing.

And yet, there are many who will still remain on the offensive and who will still use race and hatred to widen the divide in this country. Shameless jackasses, one and all, for doing so.

Oh, well. So much for all of what I said. We're back to lawyers, money, screaming and hate...

This is frustrating as hell. Say what you think, mean what you say, and if you can't stand by your original statements or clarify them, please let someone else do the talking. I mean, honestly. I ask myself this all the time--how do you function in this society anymore?