Allen West Wants Ignorance to Prevail

Allen West is the face of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives. He is always on television, always being quoted, and he has the distinction of being the craziest Republican in all of Congress. That is no mean feat, what with Jim DeMint and about thirty Teahadists out there. West is a fraud and an incompetent.

Of all of the Teahadists, West stands head and shoulders above all of them. He is the go-to guy for insane perspectives and nutty commentary. Whatever he says is wrong. Bank on it.

Our "cultural suicide" is something he is probably obsessed with, up until the point that some staffer will come back to him with a blank sheet of paper that demonstrates that no one is giving him money to keep saying such things. Once the donations dry up, it is time to move on to another line of bullshit. West knows this in his heart.

So, what he is trying to do is fairly obvious. He is trying to create a phony issue that will deflect attention from the fact that this administration is killing terrorists all over the world. Bin Laden is dead, his lackeys are dying all the time, and his followers are dying every time they pick up a phone or look out of a window. Terrorists who attack our troops or our allies are dying at an unprecedented rate. We're killing pirates on the high seas and we're negotiating deals with our allies and our adversaries.

What West actually fears is the notion that a Democrat has done a better job fighting terrorism than any Republican, ever. What these agencies are doing is pretty cut and dried. They are removing the Bush-era stupidity from their training programs. It's that simple.