A Few Bad Eggs

I'm sure that the report issued was done so with a great deal of enthusiasm. It is a fairly significant "get" for the Colombians to embarrass the Americans at this summit, and it gives them bragging rights. Promotions and bonuses and praise will flow out of the government and I would be willing to bet that Colombia's neighbors are going to be very jealous of this. In fact, I would think that the conduct of American personnel in Latin America is going to come in for a higher level of scrutiny after this incident.

But, let's get real. These were a few bad eggs and this does not reflect on what the majority of agents or support personnel are all about. In fact, this was one weak-minded individual who decided to haggle with a prostitute and ruin the careers of ten other uniformed Secret Service employees and, apparently, five members of the U. S. Army. That's fifteen careers destroyed over the price of making good on services rendered.

In a country where prostitution is legal, never anger a prostitute. Not only will they use law enforcement to make good on what they think you owe them, they will use the recourse under the laws that regulate their practices to ensure that you don't go out and do that to another worker.

Unfortunately, this one individual who failed to pay for sex was not sophisticated enough to understand that his shitheaded attempt to get out of paying for the services rendered would lead to a diplomatic incident that has rocketed around the world and opened up a massive wound in the Secret Service. I mean, I can't stress that enough. Fifteen careers and his own, destroyed. What a jackass.