A Double Dose of Wingnut Logic

J0hn Hinderaker and Jim Treacher have given us a double dose of insanity today, simply because they are assuming facts not in evidence. They're not waiting for the facts because they want to blog their way to wingnut glory. They want to take a cheap shot at the President because he has the moral authority they desperately crave.

Is this a big deal? Yes, it certainly is. I hope that whoever assaulted Matthew Owens is arrested and tried fairly for assaulting him and I hope that Mr. Owens makes a speedy recovery. I hope that whoever did this to him goes to prison for a very long time. I hope that this sort of attack, if it was, in fact, racially motivated, is prosecuted as a hate crime under Federal statutes and I hope we can all agree that this horrific crime should be a wakeup call to everyone who cares about race relations in this country.

Hinderaker and Treacher (that's not his name; he's some sort of anonymous buffoon who writes for Tucker Carlson's Failed Web Site) are hopping up and down because they want to have their own pet cause here with which to fan the flames and deflect attention from the fact that Trayvon Martin was murdered by a man who wasn't charged with the crime of stalking and killing him after being told not to stalk and kill him by a police dispatcher. You see, the wingnuts and the right and whoever else have lost the debate on the George Zimmerman case almost from the outset because justice was not done and Zimmerman's daddy, being some sort of judge, may have pulled some strings.

And, I'm sorry, but there's no debate here. What happened in the Martin case with Zimmerman getting preferential treatment was an injustice. But justice has not been served yet in the Owens case. If the attackers are found, and given preferential treatment, then there should be universal condemnation for what they did to this poor man.

The problem is, Hinderaker and Treacher aren't competent enough to wait for the injustice to happen. They have no moral authority. They don't have a leg to stand on. They are assuming a great deal, precisely because they are racists. They are racists because they want to find an example of black people beating up a white person so that they can deflect attention from the fact that Zimmerman (he is part Hispanic, part white) killed a black teenager.

Yes, it's crazy. But we live in crazy times where fools have far influence than they probably should.

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