Too Little, Too Late and Too Bad About Your Advertisers

Rush Limbaugh has done one decent thing, and that is apologize for calling Sandra Fluke a slut.

The problem is, he missed his chance to apologize. Limbaugh had a perfectly reasonable window of opportunity to apologize and he decided to pour gasoline on the fire and double down. This restatement of his hateful rhetoric got him a lot of great press on the nutty side of the ideological divide running through this country. In mere hours, Limbaugh has thrown those supporters under the bus.

Limbaugh perfectly captured the Republican mentality of today. The GOP is the party of the old, dying white man who hates the fact that there are happy, well-adjusted people in America who have sex and actually get their insurance to pay for contraceptive costs (sex and contraception costs are two different things for thinking, rational people but not for the party of ending all happiness and fun). The GOP is the party of a group of people who think it's just fine to stick Medicare or Medicaid with the costs of their scooter so they can wheel their fat asses into Cracker Barrel and eat for three hours and then go home and rail about how someone in their thirties should expect that the student insurance policy they're using will defray the costs of birth control pills. The Republicans have told women in this country to put an aspirin between their knees. That's a sure-fire way to win friends and influence people and lose elections if there ever was one. And Limbaugh is the poster boy of bad life decisions and even worse political decisions.

You see, courage is nothing Limbaugh has ever displayed. He is a bully who can't hold a job beyond the one he has, which is one he can't be fired from. He is apologizing now after losing sponsors for his program and after being defended by numerous conservative bloggers. The firestorm might subside, but I doubt very much if he will see his hardcore supporters in the conservative blogosphere turn out for him like they did over the last couple of days. Oh, but, then again, they're out of their minds and screaming for blood twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, from now until the rapture. They'll roll over, lick their wounds, and howl about something else.

You can't make this stuff up. When the outrage struck, he showed what passes for conservative cojones. He attacked Fluke again and railed at his critics. He gave his true believers a reason to hope because here was a man sticking it to the uppity sex-crazed coeds who expect that they should live in a modern society where insurance pays for contraception, and not just Viagra. His apology undercuts their support of him, and that's the real story of the day. In order to keep making money selling whatever he's selling, Limbaugh is more than willing to apologize and back down. The fact that he's doing this on a Saturday means it won't really affect the news cycle, but it might save him some cash.

If I were one of the people who went to bat for him, I'd be deleting my blog posts right now. There are no more heroes anymore.
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